My Business is Expanding

While I edit any manuscript submitted to me, I’m offering a new opportunity for those interested. I’m expanding my business into the realm of publishing. I’ve had pretty decent success publishing my own work. I’d like to open up for queries to be sent to me. I will select a small number of manuscripts. These people will have the chance to work closely with me and receive a 10% discount on all my services.

What do you get?

  • 10% off all my services
  • You keep all royalties.
  • You list Neece Editorial Services & Publications as the publisher.
  • You own copyright and keep ALL rights.
  • You are NOT required to sign for X amount of books, but if you so desire, you can publish through me more in the future!
  • I list you on my website.
  • I help with some promotion.

I will only choose work I think will sell, but I cannot promise success. I won’t be able to take all manuscripts that I love, but I can edit all of them! ❤️

I am essentially forming a community of indie authors, which is different from a normal publisher. I want to help Indies be successful.

While I will be selective about those who are published through my brand, I will still be open to edits for all people. This is just for those interested in submitting to be part of my press.

The only things you are paying for are editing and author services, NOT PUBLICATION. I will not select all manuscripts.

To understand the savings, the following is an example of what you would pay for a 100,000 word novel to receive my editing services:

Beta Read – $100

Content Edit- $100

Copy Edit- $100

Cover Design- $25-$50

Book synopsis- $50

Manuscript formatting- $25

Social Media Posts- $10 per graphic

Approximately $425 but after a 10% discount, that’s $382.50 plus having a professional guide you through the experience. Also, who doesn’t love some free marketing?

Who is this a good fit for?

  • People looking to independent publish.
  • People who were going to hire an editor and independent publish.
  • People looking for help learning how to Independent publish.

Why me?

I’m an experienced editor, author, writer (poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction), and all over pretty nice person. 🙂

My CV and bio are available on my writing website at

What type of work am I looking for?

I’m really open. Shoot me a query to

Visit my official website at


Free Book!

Guess what? My new prequel, The Forbidden Child, is free all day today (Saturday) and Sunday! Will you help spread the word? I want as many downloads as possible while it’s free. It includes the prequel and chapter one of my upcoming release of the Aurora Willow Nightingale series!

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Download Here

Why Authors Want Your Reviews

In the last few weeks, I’ve discovered the importance of writing reviews for authors. I guess in the past I’d ravenously read a book, but I didn’t think about what it meant for the author. Nowadays, I’m thinking about it a lot. A week ago, I put out my first novel. I’m thrilled to see people are downloading it and reading it, but one of the main ways I get traffic is from reviews.

You see, I’m not complaining. Until recently, I was guilty of not reviewing. I’m a week out from my first book release, and I’ve managed two Amazon reviews and four GoodReads reviews—which isn’t bad.

Research shows how most people are over twice as likely to buy a product or book with positive reviews. I think sometimes people think it needs to be a long review, but it doesn’t. Even four or five sentences is usually enough to help a writer get a little attention. I’ve vowed to start reviewing the books I’m reading! Will you join me?

Obligatory Shameless Self Promotion

Guess what book is $2.99 for a limited time on Amazon? 😁 Get it while it lasts! It’s also free for the Kindle Unlimited folks!

Typos in Indie Books

So here’s the thing, everyone has an opinion about what I’m fixing to say. I can’t promise to change your mind, but I can promise to make a few good points. Hell, I can’t even promise that this blog post might not end up with a typo. It’s Friday evening 🤷‍♀️. Some people think a book is utter garbage if there are a few typos, but let’s see the list of reasons that I think that’s stupid.

1. A lot of Indie authors edit themselves. They don’t have the money or the resources to hire an expensive and detailed edit. They rely on their own skills and that of friends to catch errors. I don’t mind a few typos as long as they aren’t horrible or distracting me from the reading.

2. If it’s a big publisher, it bothers me a lot more. Yes, if Random House puts out a book with typos, it kind of irks me. They should have caught those. If it’s a small press or Indie author, then, I can look over it. They don’t have thousands of dollars at their disposal.

3. Having content problems is not the same as having typos. If the storyline is tight, then I’m fine. If the storyline has problems, then yes, it needs to be fixed.

4. I’m not losing sleep at night over the fact that my book could have a handle full of typos even after several thorough edits, because I’m human and I enjoy my writing. I could spend ten years editing my book, but you know what? It might still have a typo because big presses have typos in their works too. I find them all the time.

5. I hate people that like to make other people unhappy by being picky and mean. Let’s face it, the worst thing that can happen with a typo is that someone will decide to close the book. *shrugs* No one is going to die over that.

6. Sometimes a typo is funny… let’s all face it, we either laugh or cry when we discover a typo in our work that’s published. I choose to laugh and hope for graciousness from my readers.

So if you find a typo in my work, no one is going to die. If I find a typo in your work, no one is going to die. Can’t we all just love each other and be happy?

Happy Friday, Y’all.

Book Launch Week

This week was one heck of a week. It was the last week of teaching for the semester. There were tornados all over the state. It was flooding. I was exhausted! But….my first ever published novel launched on Kindle ($4.99) and Kindle Unlimited (Free).

Let me tell you, I’ve dreamed about this since I was a little girl. I always told people I was going to write books and edit other people’s work so they could write books well too. I know—what a little nerd?!?!

Well this week, one of my life goals happened. I PUBLISHED A BOOK PEOPLE! The book took about 2-3 weeks to write. It took a week of solid editing. I designed the cover myself. By the way, the only reason I was able to binge write this baby was because I’d been stewing this idea for about three years.

The best part? People are buying it and reading it. I guess I thought no one would bother unless they knew me, but I was wrong. People think it sounds awesome. I’m getting Goodreads Reviews. I’m hoping to have Amazon reviews soon.

But guess what? Marketing a book is hard work. You have to really reach out and try to find readers. You have to have a good book blurb. You need cool designed graphics. I have all the skills I need, but man is it more work than I thought it would be.

My dream is to be a full time writer at some point in my life, and this week felt like I got just a little taste of what it would feel like for people to see me as Jenna B. Neece—Author. I loved it. I’m considering starting a YouTube channel of me reading pieces from my book.

I just can’t believe all the support I’m receiving! I already started the second book in the series, and I have an idea for another series as well. I just feel so blessed.

Want to know more about my book?

Reba Rose Parker is a completely ordinary photographer from Oklahoma, except for the fact that she has psychic abilities burgeoning more by the day and that she keeps stumbling upon crimes scenes. Her life is turned upside down one morning when she goes on a typical photoshoot, but she stumbles upon an unusual murder scene, accidentally becoming the key witness in a criminal investigation. With an eye for design, a serious sweet tooth, and a knack for trouble, Reba works to unravel the mysteries of a murder, navigate her personal life, and keep her little dachshund sidekick from destroying every last shoe she owns. Will she be able to help find the murderer before they strike again? Or worse, before they take her down with them.

Like what you see? Read/Purchase at Amazon!

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An Update About My Writing

Hey All,

I have a little announcement to make. As many of you may know, I write a lot of different types of work. I have a blog. I’m finishing an MFA in Poetry Writing. I write fiction. Basically, I love to write. Well, my poetry goes to journals, and my poetry manuscript will go to ‘official’ publications, but I’ve always wanted to publish fiction. Yes, I’m talking what many call genre fiction. I write genre fiction for different reasons than poetry. I don’t wish to deal with large publishing houses for my fiction. I just want to enjoy writing it and sharing it with others.

I am well aware that big publishing is the way to land an academic job. I’m not actually trying to do that with my fiction though. If I EVER chose to do that, it would be with my poetry.

Long and short of it, I have a book that is the first in a series that should be out May 31st. Preorders will start in the next few days. I will update you then!

P.S. The book is a psychic murder mystery with a strong quirky woman lead.

Update: Preorder info here

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